"Once upon a time..." Do those words call up an image for you? ...A fantasy, perhaps, of a fairy tale princess who ends up with a handsome prince? If so, you're not alone. Most of us as children heard fairy tales from our parents. We saw the movies. We read the books. Those stories all had lessons, some more obvious, and some quite subtle. As children, we had our own unique ways of interpreting what these lessons meant to us.

Three Wishes:
Why Wishing is No Substitute for Financial Planning

This lesson is about understanding consequences and taking responsibility, which we could easily have dismissed as "adult issues." After all, didn't we blow out the candles on our birthday cake and "wish" for something special? No one told us to "be careful," just as we were savoring our birthday "wishing" moment!

Format: ebook, 21pp
Pub. Date: June 2011
ISBN-13: 9780132837552

The Princess and the Frog:
Managing Your Word and Your Investments

A princess is in the garden joyfully playing with her gleaming golden ball, when she accidentally drops it down the well. For obvious reasons, she's very distraught. Out of nowhere comes an unsightly frog, who offers to help, for a price. "Of course! Yes!" the princess agrees, frantically...

Format: ebook, 15pp
Pub. Date: June 2011
ISBN-13: 9780132837583

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:
Personal Reflection for Sound Investing
and Self-Improvement

What man or woman wouldn't love to gaze into the mirror every day and be so validated? Imagine feeling so superior that you could go about your day with an unquestioned sense of your own wonderfulness?

Format: ebook, 19pp
Pub. Date: April 2011
ISBN-13: 9780132734370

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It's About More
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