Saly A. Glassman

"More Than Money" author suggests taking life view

Did the market downturn that began in mid-2007 freak you out about investing? In her new book, It's About More Than the Money: Investment Wisdom for Building a Better Life, Saly Glassman calmly takes your hand. Glassman has been a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch for 29 years--plenty of time to weather more than a few gyrations in the stock market...

Horse Sense provides valuable guidance for two-leggeds

Saly A. Glassman is a managing director with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and author of the book It's About More Than the Money and a new e-book series Fairy Tales and Finance - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Keeping Both Spouses in the Financial Picture

No one likes to be left out. But when it comes to financial matters, excluding one spouse from the decision making can, at the least, lead to unease but, at the worst, cause distrust. And the excluded spouse can end up managing the family's money at the worst possible time: after death, disability or divorce...

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FT Press; 1 edition (May 2010)
Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN-13: 9780137050321

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