Through a selection of enduring "principles" for investing, developed over three decades of experience, Glassman gets to the emotional core of money's role in our overall definition of success and happiness. At the same time, she demystifies the investment process by illuminating each lesson with actual examples and investor experiences, and guides you on how to put them to use.

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When you reflect on what you truly value in your life, does it come down to money? If you had an hour to live, how would you describe the extraordinary moments of your life? Perhaps you would talk about some of your accomplishments, experiences and people who have meant the most to you. Maybe you would share some great stories. But would you focus on money? What do you think?

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"Concise, realistic, and very readable, this book opens up the complex world of financial investing and provides a useful guide that first-time investors can--and should--utilize."

--Publishers Weekly

"It's About More Than the Money is a book for our times. Now more than ever, people are looking for financial advisors who can help them plan a secure future for their families and keep their dreams on track. Glassman captures the essence of the critical relationship--describing the qualities of trust and commitment that both client and advisor must bring to the table. Readers will come away with a better understanding of how the best financial advisors can change lives--and learn how to find the advisor who is right for them."

--Sallie Krawcheck, President, Global Wealth & Investment Management, Bank of America

"Read this before you read any other book on investments. From the mind and heart of a winning and highly respected financial advisor, it's a strong dose of 'intellectual hard love'--a lot of things you may not want to hear or do--but absolutely need to--before investing a dime. And if you are already an investor, the wisdom here will realign your mind and accelerate your journey to financial success."

--Steve Leimberg, Publisher: Leimberg Information Services, Inc. (LISI)
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FT Press; 1 edition (May 2010)
Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN-13: 9780137050321

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