Our distinctive classes, personalized programs, and knowledgeable staff connect the facets of your life to your wellness.

Don't underestimate the intrinsic psychological value of truly taking care of yourself. Fuel your engine with what it needs to perform. You might be wondering, how is this in line with your priorities? By modifying the way we eat, exercise, and manage stress, our bodies respond in a way that could lower health care concerns and costs for many years in the future.

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At Kindle Hill, we have developed a protocol with the potential to improve your blood work, lower your resting heart rate, and improve your state of health. We work carefully with your physician to develop a personal nutrition and fitness program tailored to your needs--one that gets results.

Has your doctor suggested that you get control of your LDL and raise your HDL? Are you on a statin, or have you been contemplating using a statin? Have you been thinking about using holistic medicines as an alternative?

Life insurance companies offer preferred ratings for customers engaged in health programs as successful as the tutelage we offer at Kindle Hill. We've helped others qualify for significant savings on their life insurance premiums, and we can do the same for you.

Enjoy Kindle Hill's triple benefit : improved health, greater chances of living a long life, and reduced insurance premiums.

"My doctor told me that I had to lower my cholesterol, but I was resistant to taking statins. At Kindle Hill, Saly conferred with my physician and then taught me how to combine nutrition, exercise and supplements and I lowered my cholesterol naturally."

- Jen C., 47, Blue Bell, PA

"I was depressed about being overweight and I needed someone to motivate and inspire me. And that's exactly what happened when I put myself in the hands of the staff at Kindle Hill. I was taught how to change my lifestyle and I dropped two dress sizes in the process."

- Beth R., 54, Gwynedd Valley, PA